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Have you ever imagined your voice over the airwaves in a smooth talking radio ad or maybe a character voice in an animated film? Well, now is your opportunity to make your dream a reality and earn extra money doing it. VoiceCAT is introducing voice over to the Tuskegee, Alabama community and surrounding areas.

Voice Cat is the only voice talent and training program in a 200 mile radius of Tuskegee, AL and surrounding counties. Choose from affordable Saturday training sessions that introduce you to the voice over industry. 

Seats are filling up fast! Reserve yours today with a deposit of $25.


In this course, participants are given an informative introduction to the voice over industry. They will be given an honest assessment of the marketability of their voice and the possible fit that their voice has in the world of voice over, which includes commercial (T.V., radio, web, etc.), narration (corporate, e-learning, apps, broadcast narration, telephony, etc.), and specialty areas such as animation, promos, trailers and audio books, etc. Participants will also explore vocal techniques, performance standards, and voice over equipment utilized in home studios.


By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Have a basic understanding of performance techniques within the industry as it relates to vocal techniques.
  • Have a basic understanding of the vocals styles that are most popular in the industry today.
  • Perform copy delivery at a basic level that is confident and technically sound.
  • Be familiar with basic home studio equipment.