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Welcome to VoiceCat!


2017.09.01_Catina Woods_Commer

I'm Catina Woods - a voice actor and an author. 


As a child, I sat at my grandfather's feet sipping coffee from his saucer and watching Tom Brokaw on the evening news.  I was fascinated by Mr. Brokaw's voice emitting through that old Zenith television. It not only informed me, but it wooed and mesmerized me so much so that I'd try as best I could to mimic his voice.. 


Now in my adult life, in the pursuit of using my speaking and literary voice to mesmerize, entertain and inspire, I've created VoiceCAT.  If you've come for inspiration, check out our READ tab for Cat's latest book titles for purchase at any online retailer. 

If you're looking for professional voice talent, you've come to the right place. Check out our LISTEN tab for a warm and calming depth of voice that draws the listener, which is perfect for narrations. Or maybe you're looking for a fun and upbeat voice for commercials or a smooth, serious and clear voice for professional presentations. 

Whatever your needs, VoiceCAT is here to go above and beyond in meeting them.

Take a look around and enjoy your visit!